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The Benefits of Debt Counselling are:

  • Your creditors may not harass YOU. We will deal directly with them
  • We will draw up a realistic budget and restructure your debt and lifestyle
  • We will negotiate with your creditors for lower monthly installments
  • Your repayments to your creditors will be simplified to one monthly payment
  • Because of reduced installments, you will be able to manage your debt responsibly
  • We will assist you to restructure your debt in a manner that places priority on the settlement of all your financial obligations under credit agreements - in the best time frame possible

We encourange you to complete the application from and supply all necessary documentation - so that you may have the protection the National Credit Act affords you.

Please supply the following documents and do not hestitate to contact me should you require further information of assistance.

  • Copy of Identity Document
  • Latest pay slip
  • 3 Months bank statements
  • Marriage certificate - if married
  • Divorce certificate - if applicable
  • Antinuptial contact - if applicable

Please note, if you are married in Community of Property, there is a joint estate and both parties need to be placed

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